A message from the Parish Priest

It is a great pleasure to have you visit the Mother of God Church website and I hope you receive the information you seek. Our parish is vibrant with activity throughout the year and it is wonderful to know that you are a fellow member of this big family.

The history of our Church goes back to the 16th c. and it is since then that the Parish has expanded not only in terms of space and people, but also in its service through the Parish Council, core groups, service and support groups, zonal teams etc.

Enjoy your trip through the website and please participate in all upcoming activities. Apart from news and information, a lot of resources are available to strengthen one's faith and help in daily prayer and reflection. I encourage you to proclaim God's Word and live each day with these powerful words "Rejoice in the Lord always; and again I say 'rejoice'!! Blessings to your family and loved ones.

<h5 style="color:#ffffff;"><b>Fr. Milton Gonsalves</b><br /> Parish Priest</h5>

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