• The Parish Pastoral Council is formed of members from each village or zone.
  • When the village elects a member for 5-10 families, those members elect their leader who becomes a member of the PPC.
  • The Council can guide the parish priest on certain secular issues, but the PPP mainly acts an executive body for the Pastoral Ministry.
  • It is NOT a decision making body, but their views are always taken into consideration.
  • They must meet once in a month in their zone and guide other leaders to implement the projects coming from the parish council, the BCC or from the Diocese.
  • The members must first attend all the sessions of formation as to know what is a “parish”, what is the role of the PPC, what is Christian leadership, and even develop their communication skills.
  • Those who do not go through proper formation could be a liability rather than an asset.
  • Above all else, zeal and enthusiasm and their collaboration for the Church work is vital.
  • We have a 30 member council that meet to discuss issues and to prepare a plan of action.