About Us:

  • We have two family cells that cater to the Marathi speaking Catholics and the English speaking community.
  • The Marathi group is vibrant and has lot of activities.
  • It is linked with the diocesan Family commission.
  • Its main activities are mainly catering to the baptismal catechesis to the parents and Godparents of the children to be baptised.
  • They instruct the couples to be married and organized programs for the young couples, promoting retreat for the couples, organizing monthly hour for their own groups.
  • There are ten such couples that are real members and there some others that collaborate the activities.
  • The English community family cell does the same activities and meets once in a way to discuss the new course of action.
  • They have been meeting each year to have a family day gathering of families where they spend few hours and even have fun and a meal together.
  • They even have a family picnic each year.
  • There are eight such couples but few individuals join them too as their spouses are abroad.
  • The members do counselling courses and updating themselves for future needs.