About Us:

  • After the Mission Consultation in 2005, the Vasai Diocese has formed the Mission Mitra Mandal in each parish and linked them to missions in the Talasari-Dahanu region, for the welfare of the missions.
  • Since the MMM was formed in Palle, the Pallekars were enthusiastic about going for the missions, caring for the dreams and sharing in lives of the people in the mission areas.
  • The whole premise is to be like family to the people, and promoting equality, fraternity and liberty; and working together to achieve a common goal.
  • We not only give them help but also learn from them. Many are totally immersed in the mission work.
  • For a few years now, we were serving the mission in Uplat called Shanivarpada and now we are sharing with Thakkarpada-Loharpada in Talasari Taluka, joining hands with them to build a small church.
  • We have seen how people are ready to do manual work and sacrifice their time and energy just to have a house of God in their midst.
  • We go to them once a month, and they too come and spend a day with us here once a year. We do take interest in their children’s education.
  • We convey to the people the information about the activities undertaken by the MMM, seeking their help and support.