The Youth Organization is formed in the Parish, that the youth may be reformed in the spirituality of the Church, build their Christian attitude and be more active in society, both religiously and socially.

The youth are energetic, and their energy must be used in the right way to build God’s kingdom and build a better world. They are blessed with innumerable talents that they can use for the good of the society.

Young people between 15 to 33 years of age fall into this category. They are active and eager to accomplish something. Today’s Youth commit themselves to Christ and can enrich themselves and the community through their talents.

The Parish has both the Marathi and English Youth Groups that are very active and have programmes to serve the parish. They have an organization at the Diocesan level.

Along with their studies and careers, the youth are active in the parish, and involved in:
  • The Parish Festival
  • The Community Day (Food Fest)
  • Installing the CCTVs
  • Entertainment programmes
  • Summer Camps, Attending retreat etc.