About Us:

  • Fr. Michael Rozario the parish priest then started a medical Fund in the parish to help and support the poor parishioners and named it as late Msgr. Tavares Medical fund trust with its constitution along with its bylaws. Msgr Tavares was the first priest from Palle.
  • It is then registered in 2007 and has the 80G certificate for tax exemption. The committees went door to door and collected money for the same.
  • They then could not go to one big village for collection but collected over Rs. 20 lacs out of which Rs.18 lacs were in fixed deposit.
  • A committee of ten people was formed to look after this trust.
  • The interest is distributed to the patients operated in the hospitals.
  • Today we have Rs. 25 lacs and aid is given to the members of the parish if a patient is hospitalized and operated.
  • The needy person applies to the trust and help is rendered as per rules.