“Sing to the Lord all the world! Worship the Lord with joy; come before Him with happy songs”

~Psalms 100:1-2

About Us :

Our parishioners are using their God-given talents to sing praises to His holy name. There are many different choirs in English and in Marathi in the Parish:

1. The Adult Choir Group
2. The Youth Choir Group
3. The Children’s Choir Group
4. The Prayer Group Choir
5. The Zonal Choirs

The choirs sing to bring God to the heart of the congregation and to inspire the people to sing and pray. The children’s choir group is especially appreciated by all as they are well organized and make the liturgy lively. The Zonal choirs sing for their specific zonal masses.

St. Augustine says, “When you sing, you pray twice!”

Singing attracts everyone, especially the young people, to God and it adds taste and liveliness to the liturgical celebration. It immerses the people into the spirituality of the Mass.

Those who love music and love the Lord are invited to join the Choir Group that best suits them. Those who play an instrument are especially welcome.