Any Catholic above 18 years of age that wishes get married according to church rituals may register his or her name in the Church office at least six months prior to the marriage. If the other party is a non-Catholic they must inform the Church one year in advance. They will have to go through two preparatory seminars – one half- a- day in the parish and the other two day seminar at the pastoral centre. They need to have the latest copy of their Baptism and confirmation. They may come to fill the pre-nuptial form two months prior to their wedding. They will have to go for confession before their marriage ceremony. Wedding ring and a witness is compulsory. They sign the marriage register after the marriage. If a partner is abroad one needs to inform the parish priest.


June 1st week
  • Confirmation Certificate
  • Baptism Certificate
  • Parish Instruction Certificate.
  • A weekend training program be attended at Jeevan Darshan and produce certificate.
  • Confession before marriage.
  • If your partner is a non-christian or if your partner is working abroad inform the Parish much in advance.
  • If your partner is divorcee please talk to a priest.

Marriages encouraged only on Sunday mornings and preferably in December and January for practical reasons. Form fee of Rs.250/- to be paid while filling the form. Extra charges if Alter flowers & decorations are needed. Church Hall available and encouraged for wedding parties.
Marriage is celebrated between a man and a woman of marriage age.

Marriage List of 2015-2016