About Us:

St. Vincent De Paul who was a riest from France but lived in early 17th century and died in 1660 was a great champion of the poor and worked with laity who were loving and serving the poor and the sick. But later in 1833 a priest Fr. Fredrick Ozanam founded the society and promoted all over the world in each parish. Thus it is in our parish and the church has been encouraging laity people to form such organization and serve the poor and the sick. There are bylaws of this Society of SVP. The emphasis is not on paying money to the sick but the care of the sick and comforting of the relatives. It should be given new hope in Christ. The society not only to discuss the applications but to find out who are sick and suggest to them where they can be best treated to gain good health of body, mind and Spirit. Members that have served the organization for more than 15 years should get a new member in and go to serve the other church organizations. Palle SVP is doing well with 30 members and they meet twice a month besides their visits.